Executive & Employee Benefits

Benefits have become a “Must Have” instead of a “Nice to Have” component of an overall compensation strategy in recent years.  In order to attract and retain quality employees, many companies have now implemented a benefits program.

Companies however, have become somewhat frustrated by the cost of benefits and the never ending premium increases on renewal.  It is very difficult to cut back the benefits once you have them in place and if you cost share the premiums with your employees, the increases each year can put a strain on everyone’s budget.

We have found an excellent alternative to traditional benefit plans that we believe is the best kept secret in the benefits industry.  Healthcare Spending Accounts use to be available only to large companies that employed hundreds of people but now are available to small business owners as well.  You can set up a Healthcare Spending Account for your staff or as a personal executive benefit for yourself and or your key employees.  Deposits made to your HCSA are tax deductible to the business and a tax free benefit to the employee. 

Healthcare Spending Accounts can be purchased on a stand alone basis or as part of a more comprehensive benefits program.

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