Individual Pharmacists, Pharmacy Students, and Pharmacy Interns Malpractice Insurance

The Pharmaguard individual malpractice policy is OCP compliant and designed as personal professional liability coverage that follows an individual Pharmacist wherever they may work in Canada.

Benefit Highlights Include:

  • Occurrence Based Coverage (provides long-term protection following retirement or should you leave the profession)
  • Prior Acts Coverage (all the way back to your original date of licensing in Ontario)
  • Coverage includes expanded policy territory to include claims brought against you in the United States from services performed in Canada.
  • Protection for all Compensatory sums for which you are legally obligated to pay resulting from the rendering or failure to render Pharmacy professional services subject to the limit of the policy
  • Individual policies written on 12 month policy terms
  • Protection from first dollar against costs of defence, negotiation and settlement
  • Coverage applies 24 hours, 7 days per week while working at any location in Canada including providing advice in a social setting
  • Coverage included while performing volunteer or part-time work
  • Additional built-in coverage of $25,000 of legal expense related to defending yourself in proceedings of the Ontario College of Pharmacists’ Disciplinary Board (Deductible applies for this portion of the coverage ONLY)
  • No Membership fees required
  • Payment options include Visa, MasterCard and American Express

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